Need a VPN that supports Port Forwarding or has Dedicated P2P Servers


Hello. I’m looking for something that supports P2P without slowing it down to the point i don’t even feel like using them anymore. Can anyone help? I’m happy with whatever options I’ve used so far but only when I’m streaming or browsing. :confused:


We don’t have any background on what you’ve tried.
Have you thrown hardware at it as a solution? :slight_smile:
Running OpenVPN on your router? Flashed your router w/ DD-WRT / Tomato, et. al. (if need be). Does your router have a dual core (or more)? Are you using TCP or UDP (gonna be faster, but you could have errors) protocol?


Sorry, if you’re just using one device (Mac or PC), running the VPN client on your box / device would probably be fastest. I was thinking about the fact that we have 5-6 devices in our home (some wireless of course) that would go though the VPN on the router. ALL traffic in the home.