My ethical edutech “platform” update

Just wanted to post an update and link to my latest YouTube video with my project currently names nodenoggin. A little background is this is part of my part time practice asked PhD to develop a interface that extends design education practice from the physical studio into the digital to enhance the collaborative processes specifically related to design thinking practices. The project is human centred and focuses on privacy and ethical practices to try and also build some alternatives to the bigger edutech stuff that is all about data mining (obviously).

Anyway here is the latest video clip (Youtube)

Comment and discussion welcomed and can be had here or more broadly on my own

Everything in the project is open source / cc licensed.
Plenty of work to promote properly and lots of testing with students to do. The focus on what you see has been on getting a flexible and useful tech stack for quiet a while, but the delightful design elements I have in mind should hopefully start to appear in the “live” version shortly.

I have put an early version of my promotional site online now FYI