"Meet our friends" - give a one-line description?



I have a littel suggestion for the “Meet our friends” categorie on the homepage:

Could you maby provide a one-line description to give a clue on what it’s about?! e.g. “Mastodon - something like Twitter” .

For some reason I looked at Elementary OS today, but I still don’t have a clue what the other ones (Matrix, System76 …) are about.


That’s a great suggestion, thanks! We’ll do it.

Aral and I had discussed this, and then ultimately decided that the websites should speak for themselves. However it’s clear this doesn’t work so well outside of our context…


Oh, you did, nice:

(It’s still a little technical, maybe? Not sure who exactly the target group is, so this might be very fine.
I do get "free, open-source, and federated social network server " but e.g. my grandma would probably not)


Haha, this is a regular form of compromise between Aral and me. I prefer explain-it-all accessibility, he prefers succinct-and-concise.

And we’re often wondering: who is our audience? Because it varies so wildly in technical background and even political understanding of our approach.

I’m trying to make time to work on the site over the next few weeks (got to stop spending 4 days a week on blocking rules!) so I’ll bear this feedback in mind. Thanks @Joachim01!