Mapping and data visualisation app - KUMU?


Hallo there,

We are looking for an ethical software where we can proces data and make/process stakeholders maps, for instance. Someone suggested
It seems a very attractive software (nicely designed) to visualise complex data.
Does anybody know something about the company ethics?
And/or has someone a gold tip of an ethical organisation providing this kind of services?
Thanks a lot for any tip and wisdom!

Here is the link:
And their privacy statement in this link: (I can’t understand very well how they are respecting public privacy human right)


I would love to have a similar app.

So far the best I could find is XMind which is more a mindmapper app, then a process mapper. But I guess it can function for both.


Thanks Dosch for the Xmind link. I assume you think Kumu is not the most ethical alternative…


No, Kumu might be nice. But I have to pay for it and I don’t like SAASS: which means so much as; don’t use cloud-apps if you can use an app on your local machine that does the same