List of computers vendors with Linux preinstalled


List of computer vendors with Linux preinstalled.
This list contains vendors which also take care of the drivers and support.
Not simple computers like ARM or EOMA and such, just powerful computers which can compete with other commercial products.


  • Tuxedo Computers: German vendor.
    Driver support and more stuff.
    Preinstaled with an Ubuntu-like distro (kubuntu, lubuntu…) or Windows.
    Good prices.
    Shipping worldwide.
    [Personal opinion]: I own one (book bu1406) and it’s really cool: 100% recommended.
    Bad thing: The website is in german (they plan to translate and they speak english).

  • Slimbook: Spanish vendor.
    They have 2 laptop models and a mini-computer.
    They select Linux compatible components and develop custom software for the computers.
    Cool desing, they have aluminum cases and such.
    Good prices.
    Preinstalled with many distros to select or windows.
    Shipping worldwide.
    [Personal opinion]: My sister owns one (slimbook classic) and it’s really nice very similar to a MacBook.

  • Ministry of Freedom: UK vendor.
    Libreboot installed computers. Installed by the main developer of the Libreboot project.
    Laptops are Lenovo ThinkPads. Not high end laptops but rugged and durable.
    More freedom because of the libre booting system.
    Preinstalled with Debian.
    Shipping worldwide.


  • System76:
    Lifetime support and many stuff more.
    Good prices but shipping to Europe is expensive.
    Ubuntu preinstalled.
    Shipping worldwide.

  • Purism:
    Laptops which protect your freedom. Very good looking.
    A little bit more expensive than others.
    PureOS preinstalled.
    Shipping worldwide.

  • Think Penguin:
    Cool Linux laptops. Similar to Tuxedo and System76.
    Fully free GNU/Linux distros preinstalled (Trisquel/Parabola/etc).
    Shipping worldwide.

Some other places I didn’t test, I’ll keep investigating and adding more.


In the USA category there is also ThinkPenguin, which sells laptops with fully free GNU/Linux distros preinstalled (Trisquel/Parabola/etc). They don’t have a free bios like the minifree Thinkpads, but if you want recent hardware spec and a high resolution screen this can be a good option.


Thank you! I added that to the list.
I’m also looking for a couple of places more, I’ve seen a shop like Minifree in the US but I don’t remember the name.



I’ll revive this with new vendors

  • Vikings: German vendor.
    Sells reconditioned Thinkpad laptops with libreboot and also very powerful workstations.
    [Personal opinion]: I never bought anything from them but I helped them to translate their crowdfunding campaign for a libre and eco-friendly datacenter. Sadly, it wasn’t funded. Their ideas are cool and their principles too.


[Edit: Corrected availability date, initially stated as spring 2018, should be spring 2019.]
For what it is worth, I have found two phone alternatives, that do not yet exist:

Purism are now trying to crowdfund a privacy respecting phone, the Librem 5 phone. Will run their Linux variant and include Matrix for communications. The idea is that it will work both as a normal mobile phone and as an ip-connected computer (using wifi or a dataplan SIM card). The crowdfunding campaign has another 39 days left and ETA for the phone is spring 2019. (There is a developer kit with ETA June 2018)

Also, Jolla have announced that Sailfish OS will be available for the Sony Xperia X in October 2017. The project is based on Sony’s open device program and initially targets one specific model. Unfortunately, the procedure is rather involved: You have to buy a stock phone separately and reflash if with Sailfish OS.


Yeah the Librem phone looks really good.

About the SailfishOS… The Fairphone can also run SailfishOS. That’s a great option too.


I agree about Fairphone being a great option too, I really like the way they try to change manufacturing and sourcing of components. They’re small, like, just a couple of hundred thousand phones sold in a market that ships on the order of hundreds of millions each year. Two difficult missions worth supporting.

It is a pity that they stick to Android. I have been waiting for them to add Sailfish as an official OS, since I would like to be able to buy the device+OS as a unit. Less tempted by the potentially risky DIY route with reflashing, also not really wanting to add to Android sales.


I agree 100%.

I’ll send an email to the CEO this week with that point and some more in mind. They may change and make it better for us :smiley:


Keeping my fingers crossed that will sway them :slight_smile: Actually, if it is just a matter of differences in licensing costs I would not mind paying, as Jolla actually is a (software) product company.

Ideally I’d like to buy an ethically made phone with an ethically designed OS. Meanwhile, I decided to back Purism’s Librem 5. Six weeks to go on the campaign and if it succeeds almost another two years until delivery. Wonder if I can keep my ageing hardware running that long…