Lick of paint

The forum styling had gone unloved for a while. Discourse changed how they did themes, file uploads, and added some new icons. This meant the forum could look a little broken in places.

So I did a little bit of fixing, updated our fonts and logos, and removed the header and footer. I spent waaay too much effort getting those headers and footers to work (on both “mobile” and “desktop”) back when we set up the forum. I’ve now decided we don’t need the complexity, or the UI overcrowding, that comes along with extra navigation and the footer stuff.

Let me know if anything looks like it needs a bit more attention!


Thank you, it looks great! :heart_eyes:


Really like what you did! Clean and like the feel of the font. The login and register form also could use some love.


I noticed it looks a little different.
I have been fine with the old design and I’m fine with the new one! :slight_smile:


Hey @jelle! You’ve got a cute anniversary icon on your badge today… (Must be a Discourse thing.)

Is there anything specific that you’re having issues with on the login/register forms? Right now I see them as a little basic/just functional, as they’re the Discourse defaults, but I’m open to suggestions!