Leaving Facebook (for the third time)


I agree, we need infusion of the right IT ppl in govt.

Good news for y’all, former Google CEO will help USA in defence department.


Well, THAT was NOT exactly what I meant …


That was clearly sarcastic. I don’t need font for that.

I agree 110% with you, but USA, where I live, is a lost cause.

I am very pessimistic about future here.

It only goes worse and worse, I start to regret emigrating here.


I fear It is the same everywhere, except - with a bit of luck - Iceland, Given where the world seems to be heading that will be probably where some of us will end up.

On the other hand, if we get caught between Putin and Trump ( Not that I see any other solution that will be very good for Europe ) even that will be moot.

So better just to enjoy what there is left and try to do some good for that where you, me, anybody still have the power to make a difference. And don’t forget: in a digital world knowhow is more important than money or looks …


Money are still most important, IMHO. Or my know-how is poor, that might explain too my slow track record.


Here’s a variation on the theme of “I’m leaving Facebook,” which may be useful to share with certain audiences, though my critique is more poetic and philosophical, and doesn’t go as deep into specific privacy concerns as some other pieces do.

My argument focuses on the felt-sense of a debasement of experience when using a platform that’s designed to extract maximum time and attention in an addictive fashion through manipulating our social instincts.

Moreover, I argue that insofar as social networks make up our actual “public square,” where democratic dialogue is supposed to take place, it’s essential that we own these platforms ourselves, so that our most important social infrastructure can be democratically governed.