Laura’s Diary —Wednesday 29th June, 2016


It’s not even been a week since 51.9% UK citizens voted to leave the EU, and it’s already a mess for any business operating from, or with, British Pounds. I’ve spent today working through our finances to see how best for us to proceed in terms of currencies and bank accounts. Despite living in Sweden, we’re still tied to the UK, not least because I’m a British citizen… * shakes fist at the idiots who voted to Leave *

Other than the Brexit woes, we’ve been working hard on keeping Better up-to-date and fixing any teething problems we’ve had with the trackers list. Since launch we’ve updated Better (the app) twice, and updated the content (the tracker list) seven times. We’ve had loads of great reviews on the App Store, and reading these are encouraging, motivational, and the best way to start our days! :smile:

We’re now working on the best trackers to target next, and ways to keep improving Better. As well as how to continue raising awareness alongside promoting sales to help keep us sustainable.

Oh, and I nearly forgot the…

Oskar status

King of the park…


Whilst I agree that my emotions were raw when I wrote idiots, and I may not use that particular word again if I were thinking more rationally, I do not regret my sentiment or the passion with which I speak. I am a firm believer in constructive criticism, and not “punching down” at people who have less privilege. However I reserve the right to express my anger at what I believe to be incredible injustice.

I don’t know what word I would use to describe people who believe that the right-wing parties of unfathomable privilege would give better lives to the poorer people of our country without EU oversight. Despite these being the same parties that brought in the Snoopers’ Charter, cut disability benefits, cut child tax credits, ended student maintenance grants, handed contracts for public services to private corporations, and want to eradicate Human Rights in the UK.

I don’t know what word to use to describe people who saw the anti-immigration/oft-completely-racist/and/or xenophobic hate spewed across the media, fuelling the Leave campaign, and thought that it was a positive outcome. I don’t know what word to use for the people who would rather members of my family, and other people I love, were not allowed into the country. Or worse, be made to leave.

I suspect that there isn’t the right word. Who am I to say that there’s a right or wrong, none of us know what’s going to happen in the end (seemingly least of all those who planned the Leave campaign). But if I hold back and sit down, only expressing my opinions in a way that’s sweet for those I disagree with, how can I possibly fight against a system that continuously fights dirty?


Laura, James Koole points out that we should criticize ideas, not people. Your passion was not in question, nor your right to express them. The only thing James questioned was your attack on people.

People are not abstract ideas, they are flesh and blood.

People have thoughts that they identify with, ideas that define them, that direct their actions.
The concreteness of mankind is in their thoughts.

But thoughts change; political, social and economic ideologies will never be able to hold the whole of mankind.

We the people bleed, ideologies don’t.


And whilst I believe in respecting people, even if I may not respect their ideologies, people must also be held account for their beliefs, particularly when they are harmful to others.


I agree Laura, people do need to be held accountable for their actions. I commented on this because we (I’m included in this) often confuse effect for the cause.

Now, if you were to single out the people who orchestrated the marketing/creation of the “anti-immigration/oft-completely-racist/and/or xenophobic hate spewed across the media” then you would be getting closer to the root, instead of hacking at the leaves.

I support what you do Laura because you are trying to change human consciousness.

If we are to have Ethical Design then we must think and act egalitarian; striving to strike at the root eradicating the cause once and for all.

I’m envious of Oskar. His view looks amazing.