Laura’s Diary — Thursday 2nd March, 2017


Insert usual and predictable apology about lack of diary entries

We’ve been really busy over the last few months. Most of that has been working on Better, with a few conference talks in between. Aral was even coding on Better over the Christmas weekend while I was off having a jolly time with my family in the UK.

There’s a big release coming up (we’ll give you more details in an announcement post) and the last week or so Aral has just been thoroughly testing and ridding Better of bugs that arise. As I mentioned in my response about Is Better actively being made better?, we overloaded this release a bit, including a lot in one release, rather than multiple smaller releases.

A lot of my work recently has been focused around the accounting and business setup. We have now completely closed Aral’s and my independent consulting businesses. They had been inactive for a long time, but it took a while to get round to the end of the tax years, and get the accounts in order. This should mean less cost for, and less work for me, and leaves us with just one business remaining in the UK. (Which we aim to close as soon as we have the business set up over here—it is not proving trivial.)

Our other news is that we are moving apartment and office. We have found somewhere with very fast internet, and so have decided to use a home office again for a while. It’s been lovely having an office space as somewhere to go over the last year. It’s also great for meeting people, but it’s a significant cost, and quite a disruptive environment for those not accustomed to working in office spaces.

Oskar status

Beach + snow = double the fun


I like how a flat’s bandwidth is becoming a more important decision factor than insulation, square meters, or anything else, really. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice picture, BTW!