Laura’s book Accessibility For Everyone

Hello everyone!

If you’re someone who makes websites, you might be interested that I’ve written a book about web accessibility called Accessibility For Everyone. It’s out next month, and you can find out more on my personal site:


Really looking forward to reading this, Laura! You’re certainly qualified to write it.

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nice! :slight_smile: looking forward ordering. the only downside, abookapart should finally figure out getting a distributor over here in europe. the shipping rates are way too steep. :frowning:

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Thanks! I really hope you find it valuable :relaxed:

Oh yes. It is pretty expensive to ship their books (I have most of them.) Unfortunately, they’re so small, that I’m not sure it’s financially viable for them. At least there is an ebook!

yep ordering a single book doesn’t make no sense at all. i have 12 books from them so far and i normally order in batches. i wait until i have 5 or 6 titles to order at once at least then it is “ok” to go ahead. but still a pricey endeavor. and true it is a tough one for them that things stay sane and financially viable. but maybe they should team with rosenfeld media. they have a distributor in the uk. less pricey shipping and way faster delivery. anyway there are a few nice titles out and a few more to come so i guess i will order yours and a few others as soon as rachel andrews css book will be out. :wink: and ebooks aren’t really an option for me by the way. i prefer printed pieces :wink: easier to browse and make annotations. :wink:

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Really looking forward to it, and a fantastic title as well :slight_smile: I feel accessibility should be an integral part of the design process, as it benefits everybody, not an add-on afterthought

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That’s why it’s at the core of the Ethical Design Manifesto. :blush:

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I want to see the annotations!

you mean the to be made annotations to your book as soon as i’ve read it? we can arrange that. normally it is a mix of highlighting with markers, post it notes paired with notes on it and in a few cases annotations and notes with a pencil on the particular pages.

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Yes please! I’d love to know how you use the book :smile:

haha ok as soon as i bought and read you will get pics. :wink: design for real life looks that way for example. :wink:


I love Design For Real Life, it’s such a great book. Though with the size of A Book Apart books, that looks more postits than pages…! :wink:

maaaaaybe :wink: possibly in sum it could be. i have at times up to 3 postits on one page. marking and annotating separate parts. leads to a bit bloated book :wink: bit thicker in size :wink: and yep incredible book; so far my favorite a book apart title and maybe one of the most relevant titles overall imho

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Awesome Laura you are doing awesome job!

yay finally ordered your book @laura . so fast abookapart are in regards of shipping, they actually needed less than 90 minutes from ordering until shipping, but their rates are still bonkers. feels like they got even a little bit more pricey in that regard. 52 dollars shipping for nine books. :confused: anyway looking forward to the book. :slight_smile:

Thank you!! :blush:

The shipping cost is huge outside of the US :pensive: I’ve started planning getting boxes of books shipped over so I can sell them at events in Europe and save people the shipping costs!

Still, hopefully with nine books it worked out at slightly better value. And the A Book Apart books are really good. I’m halfway through Rachel’s CSS Layouts book and it’s so useful.

great idea about selling those books on conferences! or you do the whole european distribution for a book apart? :wink:

yep overall it makes a slighty better value. the price for a single book is 21$. with 9 books only 2,5$ for shipping are added for each. but that is only possible with the discount for +4 books which leads to 17,75$ per book.

and yep the css layout book i also ordered ;))) was also a no brainer to order like with your book :wink:

and pity was thinking about going to berlin for the accessibility club. but on a monday just for an afternoon for a few hours to berlin doesn’t really justify a 5 hour drive one ways. :wink: wouldnt be the best choice ecologically :wink:

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