It's not blocking anything


… have I broken it?
I’ve just bought Better, based on the home page’s information. ABP is broken. Ka-block is broken. I hoped this would work as it was newer. However, my web experience is terrible … ads EVERYWHERE!
I’ve tried deleting caches from the Develop menu.
I have run two malware checkers (Malwarebytes and Freemac). MWB said it was clear. Freemac just triggered loads of MWB warnings and then said there were thousands of problems (that needed a paid upgrade to fix).

Is there some setting on Safari I have missed?

Thanks in advance


Hi @misterG. Sorry you’re going through a load of issues. I don’t know about ABP or Kablock, but because you are having issues with multiple blockers, it does sound like the issue is on your Mac.

Is the Safari extension enabled in Safari > Preferences > Extensions?

We’ll get to the root of the problem!