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I’d like to report issues with the live stream on (, where the video doesn’t load with Better activated.
I checked the webpage, it looks like the stream is coming from, which I guess it’s the reason why is blocked?

Hi @lorenzoruz. Thanks for the report. I’ve had a look into it, and it looks like it might be that we’re blocking one of the tag managers that the site is using. It seems to be a frequent tactic of sites/tag managers to bundle tracking scripts along with site functionality, so it becomes a problem trying to work out what needs to be unblocked and what can remain blocked.

We will look into it! I’ve opened an issue here:

Hi @Laura, thank you!

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Hi @laura ,

I have the same issue with the live stream on [Bloomberg] ( Once added to the exceptions list the live stream works again.

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Sorry for the delay in responding to you @akleinsc. This looks like a Google Tag Manager issue, we’re trying to work out how to fix for that (basically, Google Tag Manager means site functionality is bundled up with the tracking scripts.) I’ve opened an issue (see link below) and we’re looking into it.

Thanks for the report!

Alright, thanks a lot. @laura