Is there any recommended application for teams working remotely?



We are looking for a useful tool for working in remote teams for our social design foundation.

Does anyone have a good recommendation for a software / server that is secure, ethical and affordable? or a group of applications that we could use. In order to avoid google drive for sharing files, for instance. That is what we are using now… together with skype.
we thought to make a facebook group for sharing information and fast updates for the team and stakeholders, but it is not a very atractive idea…

basically we need all kind of tools to be able to get projects done (like a virtual ofiice):

  • update and share folders
  • communication / mailing tool / team calender
  • project tracking
  • linking to other tools people use, eventually? skype, or that can get information from google agendas, for instance?
  • back-ups
  • etc

Someone recommended us:
But we don’t know if it has ethical codes or if there are better alternatives.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Alternative for contacts organiser? & merging information

I’ll recommend the services I prefer in two categories:

update and share folders: Tresorit. Is end-to-end encrypted and has all kinds of team features. Does not have in-browser editing, though.

backups: Backblaze. Also end-to-end encrypted and with team plans.


For calls, we used Wire recently, and it’s very good. It’s a lot easier to setup and get started than Skype.

For project management, it’s not free/open or decentralised, but I use Basecamp. They have an ethical approach, a reasonable privacy policy, and they are against the monetisation of people’s information (and the VC-backed Silicon Valley way of doing things.)


Thanks a lot Luk and Laura,
I will take a look at them…

#5 / (depending on your preferred location of the servers) has a relatively large set of tools which could cover many of your needs. They are neither free nor open, but Zoho is a privately hold and bootstrapped company and from what I know about them so far they are a ethical business.

A free and open way to share updates could be to host or to buy a private Mastodon instance. Mastodon is very similar to Twitter but you can host and use it privately, so it would be like having an internal social network. If you don’t want to host it yourself you can also buy it as a service, one service I’ve heard of is

Another idea for mail, calendar (and maybe shared folders) would be a service that uses the Open XChange Groupware. For private purposes I use this system from I’m not entirely sure whether they also offer it for business customers, but I’m sure that their friendly support would assist you in exploring whether this could be an option for your group.


I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of Open XChange! Good shout, @julian. We know Rafael, the CEO, and they’re good people (and have supported us at


I just heard of Loomio, for working in teams (decision-making) and wanted to share it here, It looks very good! Perhaps you already know it:


There have been quite terrible reports on privacy issues regarding Wire, we collected them here… do you have new information in that regard?


I was completely unaware of that, so thanks for bringing that (and your great resource!) to my attention, @lynX

Funnily enough, I’m speaking at an event with someone from Wire next week. Are there any particular questions you think I should raise there? (And I’ll add any answers here.)


Ah, great! I’d say the most critical aspect is the crypto code getting downloaded from the server, allowing anyone to be man-in-the-middled — at least in the main Windows version. Shouldn’t be a big deal for them to provide the code in the app instead. Next Q’s could be whether they fixed the insecure signalling as promised and when we can start using the app from F-Droid as a more trustworthy source… Good luck! :slight_smile: Have you tried Tox? So far I have not seen convincing criticism about Tox, it’s usually more of the social and hearsay kind. Can’t say why we haven’t covered — always takes time to dig into the projects, although a GNU one deserves better attention than the usual company stuff. Business models are by design at odds with privacy, so we should always look out for the GNU in things. :smiley:


Do you know Stack, from Transip, a Dutch company?
They offer free storage space for 1000GB
Friends of mine are happy using it, I could not find any disclosure about the ethical use of data.
they have a comparison chart (with other services like drive, dropbox, icloud, etc) and they say that the data is stored in The Netherlands

Someone know it? and can recommend it as a good alternative?


Could a Dutch person perhaps take a look at their Privacy Policy? (I don’t trust a translation to English to make it clear enough for me!) That should show what they do with your data. It won’t say so explicitly, but there will be hints!


Thanks, Laura. Clear. Perhaps, someone in the forum? Otherwise, I’ll try to check it with Dutch natives and let you all know.


cc @laura for your info:

I took a quick look. They explain what they store and why they store it on multiple pages. Quick summary is that they follow the Dutch and EU law, store cookies, have thirth party trackers from Google and Microsoft and store personal information to run the service.

The important bit from encryption is that it’s server-side and not e2e. So they have the keys.


Dankjewel Jelle!
So… it seems it is another _surveillance_platform, in a more trustful suit :wink: and under Dutch law, what still sounds better ;-)?


Thanks @jelle :sparkling_heart:


I’m now working with Caro who started this discussion. I’ve been looking at the interesting proposals you made but one of our challenges is the price… I was wondering what you thought of humhub which pricing is ok for us and fitting the needs regarding functionalities since they have a lot of free modules you can add. But not sure about security/ethics. Thanks!


Has anyone heree used Sandstorm ( (they seem to have a suite of tools that look pretty good for a small biz like ours) or Wekan (

If so, would love to get your feedback on your experiences with it.

A little bit about us:
We’re a two person team (my wife & I) we do digital design and web development. We’re thinking of using Wekan with kanban boards for project management along with our clients on web design, other digital design, and social media creative projects - 2 to 10 people max per project.

Thanks in advance,


There is a bunch of indie hosters working hard to provide ethical alternatives to all the big corps.
Some of the best ones I know and that all host a bunch of services are:

I have been using disroot for over 3 years now and am very happy with the very dedicated and approachable couple that is sysadminning the whole system.


Thanks, @dosch for the suggestion its really knowledgeable thread. :slightly_smiling_face: