Is the app Feedly supported on iOS?


Hi there,

thank you for creating the better iOS app, I just bought it and have one question: I use the iOS App Feedly ( to read my news. There is an internal browser, which is using WebKit. Does your better-app block tracking-cockies in WebKit-Functions, too or does it only block tracking cookies in Sites I opened directly in Safari?

Thank you very much for your answer.
best, spiro


It depends if Feedly is using the newer web view component or not. If they are, then Better will block any trackers it finds. If they are not, then it won’t.

It’s pretty tricky for us to know/detect this in apps (especially those we don’t use ourselves) so I’d recommend comparing a site inside Feedly to how it appears when Better is disabled in Safari. Sorry that’s not an easy answer!


Dear laura,

thank you for your fast answer. I should have tried without asking first. Now I did and it works. Tracking is blocked within Feedly on iOS.

best, spiro


Great news. Thanks spiro!