Is Onedox secure/private?


Onedox; An App that brings all your household utility bills in to one App for easy management


You can connect your

  • gas
  • electricity
  • TV
  • internet
  • landline
  • car/vehicle details to get MOT and road tax reminders.

Potential problems

  • Who can see this data?
  • How is OneDox making money
  • Do they share your data

PRICE: Onedox makes the money it needs to operate by creating a win-win situation for us and you, whereby if we recommend a better or cheaper Provider and you then move to that Provider and save money, we may receive a commission due to referring you to them. We will only ever refer a business to you if it will be beneficial to you. We will never, ever sell your personal data to a third party.

Can I, we, really trust a service like this?!


I wouldn’t. The definitions of what makes up ‘personal data’ is so relaxed that it is close to meaningless. So not selling your personal data could just be that they won’t sell the really obvious things like your email address, birthdate and name.

All of which is really easy to get by just looking at patterns in the other data that wouldn’t be covered by the ‘personal data’ definition.