Is Google DNS safe to use?

I’ve been having issues with F-Secure Freedome VPN just halting on my mac when it wakes from sleep.

The support person has suggested I use Google DNS ( &

Obviously, I’m wary to touch anything that has the Google name attached to it. Do they track DNS requests? How bad could it be?!

thanks, Jake

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You tell me?

IMO it doesn’t look good, (and says nothing about SELLING your hits to their DNS server). Alas, many / most DNS servers probably grab / store / save / sell the same information. I read something the other day about how it’s not-so-hard to identify you with multiple data sets that do not have “personally identifiable information”, but you probably need some little tidbit of personal information, like your DOB/age or address to mash aginst your big data.

Do a duckduckgoose search on: google dns tracking (all kinds of responses and opinions)

How about: instead? I usually pick a couple that SAY they don’t store logs.

Can you tunnel your DNS requests through your VPN? Some VPNs I’ve used in the past for work do this and some do not. Otherwise (I have not tried this yet), there is DNSCrypt.



Thank you for the info, much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you tunnel your DNS requests through your VPN?

I asked James at F-Secure and this is his reply:

To answer your question, yes that is how our VPN works - by tunnelling DNS requests.

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