Is Better also blocking E-Mail Tracking?


I ran across an article about email tracking. So i wondered is Better also blocking the tracking in a webview within Apple Mail? Or would a separate email plugin be necessary? Cheers Ralf


Hi Ralf,

I don’t know about webview, but given that LittleSnitch has already detected a lot of connections to the usual suspects just by opening an email it’s probably save to say that tracking isn’t just embedded in webview.


I’m also pretty sure it’s not. I’m working on a way to detect where Better is/isn’t being run inside a web view, because it’d be good to know for other apps that use web views too.


@julian hmmm true on the desktop little snitch takes care of possible tracking from within the mail body. haven’t thought of that. you are right. but on the iphone it is a more valid and important question cuz there we have a blackbox and no idea what goes in or especially out. :confused:


thanks @laura … yep would be an interesting fact. keep my fingers crossed you are able to figure it out! :slight_smile:


@rpk That’s true and it’s definitely an interesting question. So far the only other option I see is blocking the entire remote content by enabling the respective setting in the settings on the mail apps.


@julian hmmmm the only setting i am able to find is to prohibit the loading of images from web servers but nothing about content in general. and i honestly wouldn’t trust any of those settings. :s am quite certain it could be bypassed easily.


@rpk There is some naming inconsistency on Apple’s side. On macOS it’s called remote content on iOS it’s remote picture. Of course I also don’t know whether this setting blocks literally everything or whether it can be bypassed, but I think it’s at least better than not using it. This article also claims that it blocks remote content on iOS as well: