iOS Feature Request: Display number of blocked trackers

I find it really useful to know how many trackers, and of which type, a website is using. It tells me a lot about the ethics of the website owner and uncovers wolves in sheep‘s clothing.

Would it be technically possible to have a share sheet extension on iOS that displays blocked tracker stats for the current tab?

Firefox Focus has such a feature. See screenshot.


I had a tracking / add blocker installed in macOS Safari and removeved it.
When I opened a page the first thing was to look how many trackers are there. On a page which I read daily were above 90… I still read that page because is interesting. For me is important to have a good tracking blocker but no interest to know how many spies are acting on individual pages. Are there 5 or 50 eventually 90, whats the difference?
I’m not against implementation but without visible figures in browser.

BTW: after a while as I removed the above mentioned tool I found out that the vendor of the app collected the browsing history of users to sell it to advertising companies… :slight_smile: and the bespoken page has something to do with technical arts.

It is on our list of potential features for the future. Right now, with how Apple gives us access to Safari (not much, and that’s a good thing to protect privacy), it’s tricky to capture these things in the browser while you’re browsing. I think Aral may have found a workaround-y way do it when he first looked into it, so it’s a possibility.

The blocked info would not be shown by default. I did not suggest that. My suggestion was a share sheet extension. I imagine the information to only be visible “on demand“. Similar to how Firefox Focus does it.

I find the information useful because it’s not a binary situation. It’s not zero trackers equals good people, and greater than zero trackers equals bad people.

I visited a site that only had 2 ad networks, but no other trackers. It is possible to show display advertising and not track, and not use personal data. I believe that is how search engines like duck duck go use advertising. There are also open source projects that use advertising, but without sharing personal data.

I believe the tracker count provides indicators as to the intentions of the site. More could be inferred from which trackers and which advertising platforms a site uses.

Thanks @laura, I was wondering what is technically possible, given that Apple has to restrain developers for privacy and security reasons.

One good example of a respected website that uses advertising, is Daring Fireball. The site currently uses 2 analytics trackers, but no other types.

It would be interesting in the future to gain insights on whether advertising is being used in a way that respects the visitor’s privacy, and to what degree.

Hi Nibl,
I don’t understand why displaying adds on internet should be normal, because this is what you suggest.
Cities and municipalities are banning billboards and similar things, why on earth on internet should be allowed this? Because of billions of $$$$ made by big 5 and other myriads of marketing / advertising companies.
If I pay for something and get an offer of 50% discount to allow advertising I would weight it, otherwise why?

Hi @Valdo, how did you reach the conclusion that I believe advertising is normal on websites?

I have read through what I wrote, and cannot find anything which implies that.

Why would I use the Better app if I considered advertising a normal part of a website?

That said, there have to be alternatives for people to earn money from what they create and publish digitally. There is no point telling people what they cannot do, without offering a viable alternative.

I think Aral mentions this in one of his talks recorded on video.

There have to be new business models. I think micro-payments could be very useful to pay creators.

Please NO!!! Senseless, annoying function of many blockers. Always annoyed me.

I find it really useful to know how many trackers , and of which type, a website is using. It tells me a lot about the ethics of the website owner

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