Ios app not working at all



I loved the better app until ios 11 was released when it just stopped working on my iPhone SE and iPad air 2. I tried numerous fixes at the time but parked it and moved to an alternative blocker.

However, the new blocker is frustrating and I really want to try and get better to work again as it gave the best experience (when it worked)

I’ve deleted the app, ensured both devices had the latest ios installed, reinstalled the app on both, restarted, cleared cookies, followed the instructions to a T and still can’t get either to work :frowning:

Ads still appear on every page and its incredibly frustrating. Any suggestions before I sadly call it a day with better?


Hmm. That sounds strange. Can you give me a URL where you’re seeing ads/trackers? Then I can compare what we’re seeing!


Hi Laura

Everywhere I’m afraid.

I’ve been trying websites I don’t normally use and seeing them there too (mail online, huffpost, nbcnews). I just don’t think it’s switching on correctly


Yeah, looks like the content blocking isn’t happening.

Could you try going to Settings > Safari > Content Blockers, and switching the Better Blocker option off and on again? (I know it’s a cliché, but this does often work!)

If that doesn’t work, two further questions:

  • Do you have anything in your Exceptions?
  • What is the most recent News item you see in the Better Blocker app?


I’ve tried on and off to no avail - ads still appear (all though there is a much more notable speed increase in loading pages when its on!)

I have a works reward points website in my exceptions at the moment.

The latest news item in the better app is dated 16th may 2018


That’s interesting that you’re noticing a speed increase but the ads are still there.

Could you possible send me a screenshot from one of the sites above, so I can compare what we both see?



Hi Laura

Here’s 2 screenshots from


Hmm. That’s not what I’m seeing on, so we know that it’s definitely not working as expected on your phone.

Are you using any other blocking apps, content blockers, or VPNs on your device?


Crystal is installed but not activated. This problem existed before I downloaded crystal as a back stop, though

I also have apple’s ‘block pop ups’ option selected in the safari settings


Deleting crystal, turning both the phone and the better app off and on again had still not resolved the issue I’m afraid


Thanks for the update, @Berrynice. The popup blocking shouldn’t affect Better. I’m not entirely sure about Crystal, but it sounds like it shouldn’t make a difference.

I’m really sorry that we can’t get to the bottom of the issue right now. We are currently looking into updating the app for iOS 12, so perhaps the next version of the app won’t suffer from a similar issue.

For now, we absolutely understand that you probably want a refund. Apple don’t enable us to give refunds ourselves, but you can get them through the App Store. You can find instructions on how to do so from the link below:


Thanks for the knowledge.