Interview with BBC Outside Source


I spoke with BBC Outside Source this morning about how zero-rated Wikipedia is the thin edge of the wedge for the colonial ambitions of Facebook, Google, etc. and how it violates net neutrality.

Listen to the recording at

(The segment begins at 16:08.)


Nice initiative, this Wikipedia Zero! :open_mouth:

The Foundation published an article about Net Neutrality. Their argument (stating they don’t break the principle) is quite solid, and you used it in the past: Wikipedia is not a commercial service, it’s common good. We can make a parallel about calling the police or the fire brigade being free of charge on telephone networks.

So what’s your point? You fear Facebook et al. will invoke zero-rated Wikipedia as an argument to ask for the same, thus breaking net neutrality?

Thanks for sharing anyway, this is great news! See you!


The link doesn’t seem to work for me (or I’m missing something…)

This is what I currently get, can someone help me out?


Ah, I think that the link probably expired and was replaced with new content. As with their other online video/audio content, I think the BBC takes down content after a certain period of time.


OK, I see, thanks Laura!
Is the recording maybe available elsewere?


I’m afraid I don’t think it is.

Notes to self to rip audio/video on future interviews!