Instapaper problem saving articles


I’m a heavy Instapaper user but I seem to be having some issues following the installation of Better (which I still like a lot, by the way).

Usually the article on a site gets saved to Instapaper by clicking a button that I’ve added to Safari and usually I get the message 'Saved!* and I get the option to click on a folder icon and choose which Instapaper folder I want to save the article to.

But after the Better install I get this message:

“Save to Instapaper
Save to my Instapaper account
Under normal circumstances, you shouldn’t need to see this page. Please check your browser’s cookie settings and enable unrestricted third-party cookie access for
If you’re being sent through this page, Instapaper’s support for logged-in sites cannot function properly.”

I’ve tried to set as an exception but that doesn’t seem to work.
My other buttons - Bear, Huffduffer, etc - still work fine.

Any ideas, please?


Hi @anders, sorry for the slow reply. I’ve just had my first long weekend off for a long time!

First off, I’m sorry Better is causing problems with Instapaper.

I’ve added an issue at I need to create an account to reproduce the problem, so this will take a little while, but I’ll get on it right away.



Hi Laurie

No worries - I can appreciate the need for a bit of time off :slight_smile:
Let me know if you work out a solution, please - or if you need more info from me!