newsletter now running latest Sendy hacked to turn off link and open tracking

I’ve just upgraded from version to 2.0.3 (latest release) and… drumroll… updated the source so our version of Sendy is no longer tracking people (both link tracking and open tracking!) w00t! (This is going to be a minor headache to maintain across updates as it is a manual process at the moment but it is of primary importance.

Change log highlights

(See the full release notes here.):

  • Create and store templates
  • Now uses CKEditor: “A much better and stable WYSIWYG editor”
  • Search all/across lists
  • Google Analytics support (let’s make sure it’s off)
  • Upload custom logos for your brands
  • Export CSV of recipients who did not open your email
  • Set custom ‘campaign titles’ for your campaigns
  • Better mobile display
  • Added meta data to prevent your Sendy installation from being indexed by search engines.