forum vs Mastodon instance


But I got someone to make this simple plugin:

While Discourse isn’t gung-ho supportive, they’re better than many. You could self-host for less dollars but a bit more time hassle.


Comming back to forum vs Mastodon instance

Is it really a question of [one ore the other]?
It might be because of costs, I do see that. But otherwise both things each might be good things™ .

While I do like the forum and am happy if we can keep it, I yesterday digged a little into Mastodon (I’m in case you want to interact with me!)

As I learned from

it doesmatter on what instance you are (e.g. the instance gives you your local timeline), and I do feel quite lost on something as big as

Or to put it the other way: I could imagine feeling more comfortable on an instance, having you folks around.

Just wanted to toss that in!


The thing is, we’re trying to move away from centralised systems, as we don’t want to necessarily be the gatekeepers/guardians. Also, I really love working with a community, and I don’t mind leading stuff, but I also need to be able to step away from it too.

If anyone is interested in getting set up on their own Mastodon instance but, like me, don’t have the desire to do sysadmin, @aral introduced me to this week, and it seems like a great option: