Blog — Introducing Better - 1st June 2016


@laura I’m wondering: What is the difference between Better and EFF’s Privacy Badger? And are there any ethical issues with Privacy Badger?


One key difference is that Better works in Safari and I believe Privacy Badger does not. Also Privacy Badger requires more configuration, whereas Better is intended to work invisibly in the background.

There are no ethical issues with Privacy Badger that I am aware of, but we do use different lists, and go about curating our blocking rules in slightly different ways. (Though both with the intention of blocking trackers rather than ads.)

What I have heard from people is that Privacy Badger is suited to more people who understand how it works, and how to use its sliders to fit your specific needs. We try to make Better just work, with no additional knowledge required.


Thanks, good to know! :slight_smile: