Blog — Introducing Better - 1st June 2016

Hi everyone, Laura and I have spent the last eight months working on a new app that we’re excited to release today. It’s called [Better]( and it’s a content blocker for iPhone and iPad. Read all about it on our blog post [Introducing Better](


Congratulations! Does Better check content on websites, apps? I don’t currently use a blocker so curious about the content blocking scope of Better.


Sounds great! I’d try it immediately if I was using an iPhone or iPad. I don’t know if you’re planning anything, but I’m obviously looking forward to seeing it work in other places as well.


Nice to see a real product out there finally! Not saying that I ever doubted you, rather that I believe you guys share this emotion as well :slight_smile: Congrats!

That being said, and I hate to be that guy, but are there any plan for bringing this to Android any time soon?


On iOS, Better will work on Safari and any app which uses the Safari component for the web.

Hope that answers your question.


We’ve got some plans here, but we’re tiny, so need to focus first on doing one platform well :slight_smile:


Regarding Android, it’s be great to have Android on Better. However, Google have officially banned ad blockers from Google Play ( So the only way to make a tracker/web malware blocker for Android is to create your own browser—that’s a very different challenge.

As most people use the system browser or one of the other popular browsers on Android, and are tracked constantly and natively by Google on the platform, it would both be an uphill battle and offer a false sense of security.

Since we’re just two people, we have to focus our energies on where they can have the most impact.

That said, the code is freely available and all of the blocking rules are available under Creative Commons ShareAlike, so anyone can port it to Android if they want to help with that :slight_smile:

I hope this explains why we picked iOS for Better.


Hi @laura, congratulations on the launch. I’ve purchased Better to offer my support for what you’re doing at and was wondering if its possible to whitelist particular sites?

For personal use I tend to let my blocker do it’s thing but I occasionally need to be able to by-pass any blockers for development reasons (and sometimes just to see what a site is up to).



I realize I’m late for the release party… Anyway, congratulations!
Sending a head-up to my iPhone friends.


Hi @elvis50. We do not have the functionality to whitelist at present. I’m the easiest thing you can do is:

a) Turn Better off when you’re doing dev work or
b) Hold down on the Refresh icon in the address bar to bring up the option to “Reload without content blockers” (see photo)



Better is now also available for Safari for Mac through the Safari Extensions Gallery.



I’ve installed Better (on a 6s) and I’m thrilled to have it. Still - how do I know the app is acutally working? I’m not casting doubt, just curious.
Also, would using an adblocker (eg Adblock) work, alongside Better, or would one interfere with the other, or perhaps render it useless?

Thks rgds Louis


Better is one of those apps when you tend to notice more when you have it turned off than when you have it turned on! Here’s an example, visit on your phone.

When you visit with Better disabled, you will see an ad at the bottom of the screen, and the page takes a long time to load (they’re loading a lot of trackers):

When you visit with Better enabled, the ad is gone, and the page loads much faster, as Better is blocking the trackers:

Another adblocker will work fine alongside Better. They may well have duplicate blocking rules, though Better will probably block more as there’s no so-called “Acceptable Ads” and Better blocks invisible trackers as well as visible ads.


I just spent the past half hour going to different news sites and looking at the difference between having better enabled and turned off. I had some idea how much was added on by the trackers but seeing the difference was still a bit of a shock. This is amazing.


Thanks Laura, I should have thought of that myself - but I didn’t so your example was very helpful :wink:
I’ve tried different blockers on a pc and settled for uBlock, the interface of which shows just how many trackers are out there. I’m very pleased to have found a decent way of blocking them on the iPhone. Many thanks.

Rgds Louis


I’m so glad you like it :slight_smile:


Reply really happy with my Better browsing experience. Thanks y’all.


I just recommend you to develop for Windows version software. A lot of ads such as YouTube ads are annoying on Windows PCs.


For all Android users:
I recommend installing Firefox and then installing Privacy Badger and uBlock Origin as add-ons. Both are free and open-source and protect against trackers.