Human Connection (a new social network)


Recently, I here about “Human Connection” ( more and more often.

As far as I get it, they want wo build an awsome social network, not farm theire users and be funded by donations.

Has anyone looked deeper into it and has opinons whort sharing?
(Page might be German-only, sorry!)


I’ve had a look using a translation plugin, so forgive me if I’ve misinterpreted the information. Whilst it looks like it has some worthy aims (and one way to make money) I have a couple of concerns:

  • The features section mentions privacy but doesn’t go into any detail about what that means or how they will implement it
  • The privacy policy has no information about privacy of the social network itself, only signups and other social network integration
  • It appears to be a centralised system, so anything you share on their social network is still controlled by them

Please correct me if I’m wrong!


Hey Laura,

sorry it took me so long to get back on that;

I think you got things right with your concerns, but I have the feeling things generally go into a very good direction there.

Just now the international funding started, so now some English language information is available, too: