Dear Sirs,

I’m bringing to your attention classified ads available from as it share some design traits found from “about” section of this site and items discussed in category “internet for the people” in this forum. Original design idea was to give alternative to messaging forums like this so that there is no organization or “service” behind the thing that implements the communication platform. So this is a P2P app where users provide the data storage and transfer to each other - as long as there is users the application will function and there is no easy method of preventing anyone from using the system. Open source, LGPL, binaries for linux+win32. All the normal stuff.

Since version 0.1 things have slightly exploded feature-wise but among things you currently (v0.12) can do includes, but is not limited to:

  • Post public categorized messages much to same manner that users do in this forum
  • Receive replies either in public or in private messages
  • Search for articles posted online
  • Publish details about yourself - this is strictly optional step
  • Publish details about yourself so that only named operators can access them - this is strictly optional step
  • Create in-group discussion groups around a private operator profile with named readers
  • Do VoIP calls between nodes in network
  • Extend the user interface using TCL language
  • Have TCL programs to share data between other operators using built-in general purpose database. This allows users to build any database-backed application with user interface and have it working with no need of server support of any kind - data is stored in DHT of the application

For end-users the thing is designed to be super-easy to set up and start using. So it looks like a message forum software. Data storage is DHT so it scales up and down together with number of users. Due to underlying data storage implementation there is no easy way to massively collect data about users or their doings online, there is no easy way to permanently remove anything from the network or there is no easy way to pose as another operator of the network. This thing does not implement anonymity, in particular searches over data are visible to neighboring nodes in the network. Some effort has been put into ensuring that content of private messages remains private.

Any help in development, testing, translation and publicity-related matters is greatly appreciated.

Antti, responsible for most of the programming work


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