How differently improved


uBlock Origin is my adblocker preferentially. Why is better better? Does it not use the shared FQDN blocklists or filtering rules?

How/why are those better if not those?

If your blocking semantics are better can I used them (if conversation necessary/possible) to use with the browser extension I prefer?

together we can stop #PrivacyRaping for profit. #Iamnotchattel


No, one of the primary differences between Better and all other blockers is that we curate our own blocking rules. We block any third party trackers we find that do not respect human right, effort and experience based on our Ethical Design Manifesto.

We are otherwise different from other blockers as we do not track you ourselves, or collect any information about you or your browsing. In fact, Better is architected in a way that makes it impossible for us to do so. However, uBlock Origin is the only other blocker we would recommend, as the folks behind it also respect your privacy. We recommend it for people who use a browser other than Safari (or are on Windows or Linux.)

Better is supposed to be very easy just download and use, regardless of your technical background or knowledge. However, if you do have some tech skills, you are more than welcome to use our block list with uBlock Origin (everything we make is free and open). Every time we update our content, the link below is updated with our blocking rules in EasyList format: