Hidding in 1ste party cookies


Instart Logic

The purpose of Instart Logic technology is to disguise 3rd-party requests as 1st-party requests, thus bypassing content blockers, and even the ability of browsers to block 3rd-party cookies (because they are stored as 1st-party cookies)

Via https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=14973424


I want an upvote that doesn’t look like a heart. I don’t feel positive about this news, but it’s important.


Just consider the Heart upvote to mean “Love that you shared this important news!” :slight_smile:

So, will Better stop these cookies?


We are going to look into it. At a glance, I can see this is clearly trying to avoid the upcoming Apple changes, and people becoming more educated in setting their browser to block third-party cookies. I’m concerned that, with native content blockers, we don’t have the same script access as uBlock Origin, but that does not necessarily mean nothing can be done!


Yes! And a big :heart: to this response. That’s exactly how I use the Like button on this forum. Because, let’s face it, we’re often sharing pretty bleak news :tired_face: