Helping Purism not to make the same mistakes

Hey @aral!

So friends of mine met you at FOSDEM yesterday. I am here. We MUST MEET!

If you are able to make this Birds of a Feather session which I have set up for 3pm, please do, but please let’s also meet separately. Have so much to say to you. Plus I have maple syrup direct from Canada for you :slight_smile:

Email probably best for coordination -


Yes, let’s! I’m at the decentralised track room in H.

Hit me up on Wire.

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Great! Heading to campus right now .

Come out, Aral!
The room is full. I cannot get in.

Yes, fragmentation can be a disadvantage to reach your goal. And I agree that Purism not should make the same mistakes as others did. But which mistakes do you mean?
Before talking together I would suggest you all to put your iphones in a drawer for half a year from now on and also your Google phones. Take the challenge and use only Sailfish or Lineageos. Then see what you can do with it. Take only F-Droid apps or Sailfish app. Or , take Android apps with Dalvik on a Jolla/XperiaX.
I did this years ago, went from an iphone 3GS to Jolla and recently XperiaX with Sailfish. This is my daily phone and I still struggle with it. I miss many quality things, so I bought at last an ipad mini too. And I subscribed to the Librem 5.
To me, it was a mistake that Nokia and Jolla never had an appstore for paid apps. You can get some Android apps with Dalvik, but only the free ones with annoying ads. Later Jolla introduced Flattr, but this is not a success. I learned that somehow you have to monetize what you make and offer, otherwise the quality of your product goes down.
Of course the whole app market is spoiled by Apple and Google, but if you do not want big investors or share holders, you have to monetize in a different way in order to survive.


Well, the Nokia store (Ovi) did have paid apps. But you’re right about Jolla and I agree it is a big mistake that didn’t appear to prioritize this despite community demand.

I used Sailfish on the Jolla 1 for quite a while, but eventually switched to LineageOS on a Galaxy SIII because I was also still struggling. Though it was mostly because the Jolla 1 lacks USB OTG support.

Though apart from not having paid apps, they also failed to actually open source much of their stuff, so the community did not have a chance to take part in improving the applications, which I think is the most interesting bit for many.

Thanks Bjorn, for understanding. I have read on Mastodon that more people switched to Lineageos. I cannot do that, because I am not tech savvy enough. It took me a week to unlock the bootloader of a Sony XperiaX, but I didn’t manage to flash Sailfish on it. Problems with Mac., no clear protocol, etc. At first I asked in my country if someone was willing to do this, with payment, but nobody reacted. At last someone from the Jolla company did this for me (had to send my device to them). Definitely not a recommendable route for everyone!
Now I am curious: will the Librem 5 be for everyone or only for developers? Will it really help if another device/os only for the tech savvy is thrown on the market while the majority of people still depend on Google and Apple?

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You cannot build a castle in a year. This will take multiple years to build a stable mobile OS and then multiple years to get the app ecosystem. I just hope they find enough good partners to help them along the way. For sure they cannot build this alone.

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