Short: I’m a new user and want to say hello to everyone!

Long: I want to share some thoughts with the developers and users.

I was looking for a very long time for an efficient add blocker. The tracking at that time was not so persistent but I was still wondering why in Safari iOS 9 and (I think also iOS 10) I was not able to delete the Google and Facebook cookies. All cookies were gone when cleaning up the Safari history but those two were nailed in the iOS cookies repository…

So I found KA-Block which I use both in iOS and macOS Safari and is doing perfectly the job blocking adds but no tracking protection. Chapeau!
Some two years back I started to search for anti-tracking protection an after purchasing few apps I ended with FindX. The problem with all those antitracker is that a mediocre user as am I has no chance to evaluate how effective the app is. The app can show that is blocking XX tracking cookies BUT how many are passing through and remain undetected?
And then I discovered Panoptclick at Electronic Frontier Foundation https://panopticlick.eff.org. I tested the FindX iOS app efficiency and the result was satisfactory. Surprising was the fact that the macOS version showed different results, providing just partial protection. No idea what’s going on and continued the search and found Better.
According to Panoptclick the Better for macOS is fully protecting the Safari user (but is the metering really reliable?) In any case some protection is still better as no protection at all! At the moment I didn’t purchased the Better iOS version, lets see what the future brings.
In attachement you can see the Panoptclick results comparing the FindX and Bettre Safari macOS versions.


I reply to my own post :joy:

I just read Laura’s comments on Panopticlick and she confirmed my skepticism.
I think the only realistic solution to stop tracking can be done with an inverted firewall, which is monitoring all outgoing traffic. Obviously very efective but how
to manage all those outgoing links. I found web pages serving more then 400 different cookies…


I think cookies and fingerprinting (Panopticlick) are very different beasts, to the point that the more extensions we install to fight back against cookies, the easier we make ourselves to fingerprint…

I’m not sure we can solve the fingerprinting problem with an inverted firewall, but here is a link to a tool that sure looks like an inverted firewall to me (Mac only)


you’ll right but fingerprinting is also based on outgoing traffic.
If you stop the traffic there are no fingerprints.
I found also an app, for the moment in beta but open source and free!


Thanks for the link. But did you manage to pass the test at panopticlick.eff.org (i.e. protected from fingerprinting) after installing LuLu? I didn’t.