Heartbeat pre-alpha update

Hey folks,

I’ve been working on the pre-alpha of Heartbeat for a lot longer than I anticipated. And I’ve been doing it in private.

It’s time to start opening that up.

On August 10th, we are going to kick off the pre-alpha programme. That includes the private pre-alpha of Waystone (hosted at Ind.ie) as well as the public release of our source code.

Private pre-alpha

The private pre-alpha programme is only open to our tier two and tier three crowdfunding supporters. You will get access to the hosted version of Waystone on Ind.ie and can create your account there.

Public source code release

We will also be releasing the source code for Heartbeat and Waystone publicly on our GitLab at source.ind.ie. So if you’re a developer, you will be able to download and start playing with them even if you’re not on the private pre-alpha.

New forum

To start the process of opening up development, we’re also launching this forum.

Read more about that in Introducing the Ind.ie Forum.