Guiding Principles


This is an excerpt from the text of the proposal that was voted in by the Validating Council to create the Internet of People pillar of our Progressive Agenda for Europe. It specifies the documents that constitute the guiding principles of our work on this pillar.

I’m including them here with links:

“Our guiding principles in drafting our position paper and policies are…

…as well as a profound respect for – and a desire to protect and encourage – individual sovereignty and a healthy commons as prerequisites for democracy and progressive internationalism.”

Please do take the time to make yourselves familiar with these documents.

And also: Have we missed anything? Is there a foundational document that could be inspirational in guiding us during this process that you know of that we haven’t included?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.


Hi Aral,

I finally found some time to explore this forum and stumbled onto this list of principles that I would like to subscribe to. However from a business perspective there seems to be an omission, i.e. the economic power in the Capitalist part of Surveillance Capitalis, which imho is too strong and closely aligned with basic (natural?) human behaviour to keep it out of the equation.

If one subscribes to the ‘division of labour’ and ‘fair’-trading principles being positive values to embrace the economical power Capitalism almost seems to have monopolised I would suggest that in a ‘Social Capitalist’ setting, that prevents unevenly biased / forced and unilaterally extractive partnerships, they should complete your set of principles to form also a foundation for ethical ‘StayUp’ businesses fuelling the (sustainable ?) growth and evolution of your envisioned environment. Let me know your thoughts ?