Greentoe Before today, all ads were scrubbed via Better. I have in fact on that site - a photography forum - raved about the exquisite performance of Better, wiping the ad crap clean.
Suddenly today there appeared an ad from the firm greentoe, a site where one can big on camera gear for sale. I cannot get it scrubbed… no way, no how.

Edit: running MacOS High Sierra; iOS latest versions on both iPadPro and iPhone 6s



Hi @anthony_s. I can’t see the trackers, so I suspect this is that there is an issue with Better updating on your devices after I updated the blocking rules on the app yesterday.

Have you recently opened the Better apps on your devices to get the latest rules? If yes, perhaps try turning the content blocker/extension off and on again (instructions here:

Let me know if that helps. Sorry for the hassle!


Hi Laura,

yep, I’m up to date with Better. I really appreciate your timely response.
Followed your instructions. Still there. FWIW, I also added in other
blockers, Ghostery, 1Blocker, Ka-Block. No effect. Here’s a screen shot
with all blockers operating.

Please advise.

Just to check, are you using Safari?

Do you mean no effect as in those blockers don’t block the ad either?

Could you possibly try following the steps on the article below, so we can see if Better is doing anything (even not visibly) on the page?

It looks to me as though the site owner embedded a .jpg in amongst other


Laura, your site blocked me from posting the log because, as a new user,
there were too many lines in it :cry:


FYI, AD Block+kicked greentoe completely off. Shows up now nowhere. Don’t
like using ADP because it collects data. Any chance you all can make a fix?
I sent off a screen shot of what I got. Here is again:

Hi @anthony_s. Sorry about the forum anti-spam limits, I got your email?

That image caused a lot of confusion! We don’t tend to block images that aren’t linked to tracking, unless they load on top of other content, as they’re not invasive of your privacy.

Is the screenshot you sent me from when you had all your blockers turned on, or just Better?


Just with Better; all others off. AD Block + removes it after highlighting
the element as directed by AD Block+

Ah ok. So Better is working as intended.

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So is this an example for “ethical adds”?

I have allways wanted to see one, especially as the only(?) example you provide ( ) seems to be no longer in business!

Yes, it is! Another example I can give is that often independent blogs will have a (tracker-free) banner asking for funding contributions. Ad blockers like AdBlockPlus will actually hide these banners, whereas we think it’s a perfectly ethical and legitimate way to make money to support content.