Google search in this website?


I was searching for something in the, and this message appeared: ‘Or try searching with Google instead’, see screenshot below:
Is this a joke?!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the work you are doing! But I just don’t’ understand the google search on this website, it is very paradoxical!


I agree! Annoyingly it’s a default on a Discourse forum. Sometimes they add messages like this, and I have to catch them to replace them! I’ll find this one now…

(Hopefully soon we’ll have something to replace Discourse…!)


(Alt: screenshot now has no Google search form and suggests you try DuckDuckGo instead.)

Sorted. Thanks for the heads-up, @caro.


I thought indeed that it was something like this the reason :wink: Good change!


how did you change this would like to do this on my discourse thanks


Oh am going to try this -


didn’t add as theme but grabbed the part I needed and put that into my theme :slight_smile:


However I still need to replace the text Google… but this makes the button a DuckDuckGo button so you could bring that back. Let me know where you edited the text. Thanks


Admin > Text Content > Search for “Google“

Sorry it took a while to reply, we’ve been moving house.


No worries. Hope move went well. Thanks


Can you elaborate a little on why you’re unhappy with Discourse (besides this here and that ) and to what you plan to replace it with ?


Why do you think DuckDuckGo are better? Just the way they are marketed?


In theory, Discourse is great. We pay them a fair bit of money but they keep the forums updated and secure on our own hosting. However they have a different outlook from us (like when the Google search thing was added). There also seems to be more and more reliance on their CDN for resources, which is an iffy area for us, as it could be harmless, but also could be used for tracking. We’d rather be using a trustless system.

Hopefully, what we’re working on with Indienet could end up replacing the forum. Changing over will have some level of hassle, and we will have to work on a way to archive what has been discussed here, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it!


Different business model and different approach. Aral has spoken with the DuckDuckGo people, and they seem to be legit. Though we are always wary of folks who have taken venture capital, as they may have to sell out on their principles to secure a return on investment for their investors.


Intresting. The export function from discourse might help with migration to another place. Will follow with interest your moves in this space indeed.