Google data collection research


“Google has the ability to associate anonymous data collected through passive means with the personal information of the user. Google makes this association largely through advertising technologies, many of which Google controls.”


It is mind boggling that you can read more and more about these things and the abyss seems to become deeper and deeper every time…
Thanks for sharing, one can never know enough, every bit helps to fight it! :slight_smile:


How do I escape the amazing spam blocking of gMail? It’s like a drug I just can’t quit!


i escaped gmail by buying my own domain name with email. then for all new things i give a email address too, i used different email aliases that go into the same inbox.

this way if a aliases gets on a spam list i delete it without having to change tons of services to the new email address. as i don’t use a single email address for everything.

thunderbirds spam filter is also quite good, so when one address that i had sinned and used for a few services, i didn’t bother to delete it cus the spam was being filtered but it was really badly spammed then i would have just deleted it. what i did do is no reuse that address again. after a while its old enough i could delete it and be spam free as whatever i used it for does not matter any more i think.

main inbox:
etc etc all goes into inbox.


I do this too. (Using Fastmail, though I did this with my previous web host as an email provider too.) Anything gets forwarded to So I name the email after the account I’m signing up for: e.g., It’s also a handy way to know if a company has sold my address/been hacked, because I’ll know it’s the address that came from them.

The only downside I have is occasionally (as with Amazon), they won’t give you customer service if you can’t reply from the address you have registered with them.