GOOD alternative to reCAPTCHA / CAPTCHA?


Did a search of course and still am unsure of a good webpage turing test to thwart the bots, avoid google and other centralized tests. Any suggestions?

I tried to submit an avalanche observation the other day to a local avie center. Filled out the page, went to submit and got a CAPTCHA error. I of course block google & analytics w/ Lil Snitch, so until looking a little deeper didn’t even notice they wanted to ensure I was not a bot. Instead of just complaining to them and explaning how google is EVIL, I wanted to suggest a GOOD alternative.

I think at least in the states, that most are absolutely oblivious to google’s reach, analytics and how pervasive they are on the web. That and with so many using phones now (vs. desktop/laptop browsers), few have any kind of plugins like Better or uBlock / HTTPS Everywhere running. They of course browse with cookies and javascript active so to me it’s like they’re running around naked on the internet.