German SPON is showing "Please whitelist Spiegel Online in your Add Blocker" on certain article pages


The German Spiegel Online started to show nagging “Please whitelist Spiegel Online in your Add Blocker” since a few days on certain article pages:

one page it takes place is for example

cheers r.


Hi @rpk. Thanks for the heads-up, Spiegel Online has been a real pain for us.

But @aral is particularly good at destroying blocker blockers, so he’ll get on it. I’ve added an issue for this at


Cool thanks @laura ! And I suppose in case @aral manages to “destroy” the blocker blocker and SPON creates another counter measure it will go down probably the path of the German Bild, getting blocked entirely by Better. :wink:


@laura one thing i’ve noticed today by accident. the “please remove add blocker modal” doesn’t show up in any form on ios even that better is running there as well.


Cheers. Many of these sites seem to use different scripts on mobile vs desktop. I suspect it’s because many of the “ad blockers” are more prevalent as desktop browser extensions.


Also, just so you know, we’ve not forgotten about this! @aral is currently updating the inspector so we can run some inspections and pick up on a load of new trackers/naughty scripts.


oh haven’t dug deeper, didn’t know that different scripts are used for mobile and desktop. good to know :wink: but considered it worth reporting at least :wink:


Finally we’ve got this fixed :smile: