Funding Page Feedback


Hi, says nothing but

Sorry, you are currently offline.
You must be online for the funding page to work.

…unless I allow script from, then things seem fine (–> the page loads)

But I’m not sure what allowing script from does to me in regrads of beeing tracked?


The error message is dodgy, but no, it won’t work without the Stripe checkout.

We chose Stripe as the best of the payments bunch. Stripe’s privacy policy is less than ideal, but we don’t have the resources to roll our own, secure solution. (Note: Stripe seems to offer a geo-specific privacy policy.)

I can tell you that the information that’s offered to us on the back-end is very minimal. We don’t have access to anyone’s full payment information.

However, if anyone is happier doing a direct bank transfer, we have had other patrons and donors fund us in that way.


Sorry to hijack your topic. But are you open to support Liberapay? I’ve pledges some donation there if you are open for it:


Hey Laura,
I see that you need to allow it in order to have this “donation block” in the upper part of the side, but are you aware that - with default security -> no externl resources allowed" - what I quoted above is ALL of the Page?!

Couldn’t you maybe craft the page in a way that the other info (like “Other ways of supporting us” ) is still given? - Thats just static text, isn’t it?
I’m afraid you might loose poeple willing to fund you (after all, they clicked on “Fund us”, and then got nothing but an error). You probably could check if that is the case from your logs, right?


We just don’t have the time to integrate another payment solution right now. But we’ll bear it in mind, thank you! :heart:


Yes, we should! I’ll add this as an issue and we’ll work on it. We are planning on doing a complete rework of the site soon.