Fund page Monthly/ One off bug


Looks like something is awry here: (870.9 KB)


Thanks for the headsup @Thomas. Could you tell me which browser you’re using? (I’m assuming it’s OS X?) I’ll try to replicate.


Thanks, @Thomas, I can reproduce this in Chrome — looking into it now :slight_smile:


Hey @Thomas, just a quick update: we’ve narrowed it down to a CSS issue (it was our custom focus appearance for controls battling with the native one). Laura’s fixing that now.

While debugging it, however, I also noticed that Set, my unobtrusive template engine, was not outputting the DOCTYPE so I’ve fixed that also and we realised that a number of pages aren’t validating so we’re going to fix that too.

(So thank you again.) :balloon:


@Thomas, this should now be fixed (along with a few other improvements for Chrome and Firefox). Thank you again for reporting it.


No worries! Happy to help.

And yes - Chrome 46.0.2490.13 beta (64-bit)