Firestore Cloud - Real-time datastore - Google


Am trying to pull together a json style real-time database into a Vuejs app which was going pretty well with Deepstream Hub an opensource server, you can read about that attempt back in Nov here Unfortunately the Hub (cloud) part was closed down and running another server component was just not working for me and also looks like deepstream might have gone off the radar.

So I looked to move to rethinkDB but the horizon connector for vue died a while back as rethinkDB is also on a bit of a pause I think.

So to cut a long story short I am now using firebase and more specifically Firestore Cloud (beta) it works with Vuejs and I like it but has anyone deciphered the t&cs as it’s all now run by yep Google? I’m working on a proof of concept more than anything but I don’t want the data in there being hoovered up by Google and I need to get on with some work and building a server is not the work I need to do.

Anyway just wondered if anyone had any thoughts, I’ve yet to find a alternative for now that works. Migration to another real-time no SQL in future is always possible so long as I can build that component separately which so far with vue looks likely.


Nudge @aral, as he’ll have thoughts on this.


I made a little demo here.