Failed to fetch from remote…


Check for content updates on OS X 10.13.4 has failed for the past week or so, with a message as above. Anyone else having this problem?


Just tried it on my system and I’m seeing the same error message (macOS 10.13.4).


How is this related to the project?


Hi, this is about Indie’s tracker blocker “Better”.


Sorry all, we had an issue with the https certificate not being auto-renewed, so the app couldn’t find the latest rules on the server.

It should be working now. Let me know if you have any further issues!


Thank you. Sorry about posting in what seems to have been the wrong place. I’m new around here, and a little lost.


Not the wrong place at all! If you are lost, that is down to our bad signposting and design. We need to make it easier for you to report issues directly from the app as well.


Companies with confidence are interesting to me.