Facebook's third-party trackers


Hi, I purchased both the Mac and iOS versions of Better Blocker a couple of days back, and am impressed both with the product itself and the principals that you two seem committed to upholding.

The only disappointment has been that Better is failing to block third-party tracking cookies from Facebook, which are pushed into my Safari cache each time that I visit the homepage of The Guardian newspaper (theguardian.com). To illustrate, the image below shows Safari’s website data after a single visit to The Guardian site, immediately after a thorough cleanout of the browser cache: so I’m 100% certain that these Facebook tracking cookies are being accepted when I visit The Guardian. I make a point of never visiting the Facebook site, and neither do I have a FB account.

I understand that blocking third-party trackers is a key objective of the Better Blocker apps, so I hope that this is something you will be able to address in the near future.

(EDIT: Shouldn’t the third-party tracking cookies from Google and YouTube, that you can also see in my screenshot, be blocked by Better too?)

Well done once again on all the good work so far.


Thanks for the heads-up. We’ll make sure we included The Guardian in the next inspection to see if it’s new trackers that we’re not yet catching.

Cookies-wise, we can’t block any cookies on sites you intentionally visit, as this would block logins and things like that, but if you don’t ever use Facebook, we should catch this. I’ll look into it!


Great to hear, thank you.



Buttons themselves may be harmless. Though in this case, probably not. I’ll look into it!