Facebook says it doesn't listen to your phone microphone, unless it wants to


An article from the Verge says not to worry, then has this quote:

“We only access your microphone if you have given our app permission and if you are actively using a specific feature that requires audio,” and immediately lists as an example a thing that tags what music or tv show you have in the background when you post.

So we only do this when we have a feature that can use it, and there is this feature that needs to listen whenever you have Facebook open.

I am not surprised that the verge is downplaying it, but that seems like a really pathetic attempt at denial, even from Facebook.


If you’re paranoid, however [emphasis mine], and really don’t want Facebook listening to anything you say at any time, regardless of its supposed utility to advertisers, you can turn off the app’s access to your microphone. In iOS, go to the Settings panel, find Facebook, and slide off the “microphone” option. On Android, go to “Privacy and Safety” in Settings, find the microphone section under the app permissions panel, and toggle off Facebook’s access.”

Yeah, because if you care about you’re privacy, you’re just being paranoid… Where’s that eye-rolling emoji when I need it?