Facebook is going to start showing everyone ads in Messenger


Finally. As expected. Ads are coming to Facebook Messenger.


Most Lemmings deserve to be inundated and brainwashed by ads, and to have their privacy and security compromised. So many people are simply ambivalent to being ‘the product’. The wise switch to Signal app. I wrote ‘most’ earlier because I do feel sorry for the truely tech ignorant; I know from experience with my own family and friends just how difficult is the teaching.


The only people I feel truly deserve it are those working in the tech industry, who are aware of the problems, but still build these products and normalise their use.


Yea, the nightmare dystopian landscape is advancing.


The grassroots movement is still young. I myself have been observing the direction of technology for some time, but unsure where to place my trust. After watching a couple of talks by @aral for the first time last night, I now have some hope :slight_smile:


I’m glad for the transparency. Now you know you are being watched when you install an FB app. Messenger already has a dramatic track record of surveillance, and it is so unnecessary, since FB is one of the few cloud services that can be run without handing out any computational access to your computer or phone. Just use the mobile phone access with Javascript turned off, that’s either m.facebook.com or, even better, m.facebookcorewwwi.onion via Torbrowser or Orbot. It’s intended to protect dissidents when accessing Facebook for activism.