Facebook has 60 people working on how to read your mind


“If the thought that a company that makes almost all of its money from harvesting your personal data could also have access to your thoughts is scary, that’s because it is.”

Thanks to K.E.A on Twitter for the heads-up on this.


The news about Facebooks plans appeared in BBC news and in the Guardian. My immediate thoughts were: secret agencies will jump into the air, because this will give them the opportunity to interrogate ‘easier’. And so they can throw away the lie detector, that Americans are so fond of. This tool was already obsolete in the eyes of most Europeans. But I did not jump into the air. I have always kept in mind this German saying: ‘Die Gedanken sind frei.’ Whatever happens to you, at least your thoughts are yours, you are free to think what you want. Very brave people remembered this too during WWII, when imprisoned because of their deeds of resistance. They never betrayed other people, did not give names to the occupying powers. So they saved others by keeping silent.
And now Facebook, the champion of surveillance capitalism, wants to open up our minds. Investors want the tech companies to be innovative and disruptive, it’s a rat race. Facebook tries to win us for its new invention with a fake argument: we are addicted to our phones, but soon this will be over, for we don’t have to look at our phones anymore in order to communicate. What? Indeed many people use their phone the whole day, it’s a fantastic tool, but they are not addicted to the hardware. The software with all its psychological tricks of reinforcements makes us addicted. We are making ourselves dependent on it, using siri/alexa/cortona as if we are all blind, etc. And so Facebook refers to a wonderful example of applied medical research: a chip implanted in the brain which makes it possible for an ALS patient to feed himself, or to communicate. No chips needed anymore, cries Facebook, we do it by signaling outside the body. My argument will be: these inventions are great for disabled persons, but why should we all be made dependent on companies like Facebook, losing our identity and our privacy in the meanwhile and becoming more vulnerable for manipulation at the same time?