Everything is HUUUUGE - Software disenchantment



This is why we’ve started simplifying the Better apps. We were trying to build everything into a working inter-related co-dependent system. When it works, this is great. But realistically, it affects the accessibility and the ease at which other folks can contribute to it. I literally had to write out instructions for myself for when I do a blocking rules update.

But then again, to some extent, you have to have something to know how you use it, and then how to improve it.


I read this article following someone who linked it in mastodon.

I found it very interesting. Hadn’t read something as interesting on code and software development in a long time.

It’s easy to read and not too long, i would say approx. 15 min. I really encourage anyone, developer and non-developer to read this. It really helps to grasp the situation of the complex tech industry we have today.


First of all, sorry for the “bare” link drop - usually try to write at least few words on what a link is actually about!
(After reading the full article, I was in a hurry, but nevertheless wanted to share it, so that’s how it ended up).
Glad you seem to have taken a look anyway!

@Laura yah, I did read about the redesign of better earlier, but didn’t connect the dots yet.

Also, the evening I posted this, another thought occurred to me:

This (everything gets bigger, with no real reason or benefit), is not limited to software/computer hardware at all, it’s everywhere, e.g. cars, fridges, houses, meals.

It’s a sad thing as it works against the limitations of our planet! :frowning:


I admit, I haven’t read through it yet, but this seems to be another (the first on is “Better” as @Laura allready mentioned :slight_smile: ) positive counter-exmaple:

From that homepage: https://solar.lowtechmagazine.com/

This is a solar-powered website, which means it sometimes goes offline

…and I think this is acceptable!

We are very used to "everything is always possible" but giving up on that in certain situations might help us to open up for other possibilities:

Want to get somewhere but no longer own a personal car? (or you do, but it’s no longer allowed to drive it into the city center! ?:slight_smile: ) still lots of options:

  • wait for bus

  • look for a shared car around (commercialized)

  • ask your neighbor

  • start right now using your bike

  • start right now, walking…

  • try hitchhiking

  • ….


…I just copyied https://solar.lowtechmagazine.com/ into my RSS-Reader (RRS-Owl), which exended that to

Within a split-seconds, it downloaded all of the content, inkl. low-res. but very readbale b/w pictures and graphics.

Now I have lot’s to read (in my client), and it’s perfectly fine if the site (or I) goes offline.
(And next time, both me and the site are online, I’ll get the new articles, if there are any).

it’s really positivly fascination!