Europe takes another step towards copyright pre-filters for user generated content


“In a key vote this morning the European Parliament’s legal affairs committee has backed the two most controversial elements of a digital copyright reform package — which critics warn could have a chilling effect on Internet norms like memes and also damage freedom of expression online.”

“MEPs must reject this law, which would create a Robo-copyright regime intended to zap any image, text, meme or video that appears to include copyright material, even when it is entirely legal material.”


an article about the outcome and the preceding measures

the fun fact. the head of the committee Voss is member of the german party CDU. in their coalition treaty with the SPD is a sentence about upload filters and that they are rejected by the coaltion as disproportional on a national level. but european laws are directly binding for national laws so mister voss was actively violating the premisses of the treaty.