Elementary OS


Elementar OS - I found this via the homepage (https://ind.ie/ - Meet our friends) today.

To my understanding, it’s (yet another :slight_smile: ) Linux-distribution, but they don’t call it that - probably as that would scare some people, I do see that that might be a good approach!

I just recently started to get linux back on my private laptop (I have to use windows at work, so thats what I’m used to….), I installed Siduction (My criteria was just: I want something apt-based ; and from them, I got a DVD at Chemnitzer Linuxtage so that’s what I went with!)

I haven’t invested to much in learning/gettnig used to yet, so I might switch over to Elementary OS (-> supporting it through using it).

Do you have any experience with it?


"Meet our friends" - give a one-line description?

No experience with Elementary OS as we’re both still on macs, but we know the people and respect their approach!


Hello Joachim.
I have been using elementary OS for 8 years. They market it mostly to Windows and Mac users so some advanced Linux features are disabled by default. In my experience it is also faster than other distros like ubuntu and fedora. They also focus on a cohesive user experience so they have made almost all the apps that come with the OS and they have also made their own app center where developers can ask for pay what you want donations.
I would recommend trying if it fits you. They release a new version every two years and a new one (juno) is coming in about two months, so you might want to wait for that.