Domain name


Just wondered how you guys managed to get the (and domain name, and how much it costed?

Also, what happened to


agreed. domain name rocks :wink:


asaik there is ICANN regulation with 2-letter domains being reserved for county-TLDs like and such


In a nutshell: we got lucky :slight_smile: the person who owned is a member of the web community that we’d met and was sympathetic to our cause, had decided not to use it, and was looking to refurbish his home. It cost us the amount of his home refurbishment (£5K) plus we had to set up an Irish company to register it (ridiculous bureaucracy). In total about £6K + £700 ongoing every year for the upkeep of the Irish company. So it’s not cheap but it’s also an invaluable part of our brand. I wanted that domain forever but couldn’t register it because the Albanian domain registry didn’t do two-letter domains… until the end of last year. I didn’t even know about it so a domain registrar in Albania registered it and contacted me. It cost around £1.5K.

So, really, there’s no one way. It’s a combination of good timing, the right people, persistence, luck, and how much/whether or not you’re willing/able to invest in a good domain as part of your strategy. For us, accessibility and simplicity are core elements that we are constantly iterating on and these domains are a reflection of that. We had to sacrifice other things (neither of us has a large monitor, at the moment, for example) but I feel it is invaluable in communicating what we’re about.